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22 October 1991
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何かを手放してそして手にいれる ♥
- My name is Autumn but friends call me Aki.
I'm 100% a Libra even though I was born on the borderline of being one.
I love music!
I enjoy writing about everything/anything.
Poems, songs, or just like a diary entry.
I can't stand crowds but I love people.
I'm very emotional and I constantly think about others feelings.
Feel free to add me as a friend some of my entries are friends only,
but I will add you back. I also try to update my Journal often.
Please also comment on my journals cuz I love to talk to people and I love when people talk back.
I have an older sister on LJ sapphire_niji
Anyways no matter the outcome always keep TRYING, stay HAPPY and follow your DREAMS~ ♪ PEACES

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